Friday, 5 September 2014

My Chinese Blog 中文部落格

Yeay~! Finally I decided to buy my domain name chinese blog website to blog about my life diary, travel, about my doggies, food and others thing in my very own small place website in this domain.  And all posts was write in Chinese.  If you don't know about chinese, don't worry~ I installed a Google translator to help me translate all my blog posts in Chinese into any languages on my blog website.  So, it's not a difficult to read my blog anymore.  hehe.. ^o^

Feel free please come and visit my website.(^^)

Please Google+ me or subscribe your email on my blog website to see more my blogs updates.  Hope all of my friends can give me a support and I will be more often updates on my blogs even here.

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

CAESAR - 2months old

My first puppy in my marriage life.  His name - Caesar, bought the puppy on last year 14 December, 2013 together with my hubby.  We decided to get a Shetland Sheepdog breed Sable color, preferably male dog.  And we went to the pets station and walked around the shop, the staff named 'Lance' came to us asking what breeds are we looking for? Then, we told him, we were looking a male Shetland Sheepdog.  And he introduced us a Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog about 7-8 months and we can brought the Blue Merle home immediately & give him a toilet train and also he can go to the dog parks anytime we like, but our minds was thinking to have a puppy about 2-3 months cause we decided to grow up together with the puppy and lived together.  

We do know that it's not very easy to take care a puppy but we believed that we can take care well of the puppy and give him a happy life.  And this puppy will be the first puppy coming into our life (me & my hubby).

Thereafter Lance brought us a Tri-Color Shetland Sheepdog male,  as my hubby is looking for a Sable color, but for me what color is not important, as long as was Shetland Sheepdog I will be very happy.  When Lance brought us a 2-months old Tri-Color male Shetland Sheepdog to us, our first encounter with Caesar =) *blush* he was so shy, and his head very big - everyone was calling him "big head, big head", Lance gave me to hug him and he very soft & stick to me like my baby.  I fallen in love with this boy when i first saw him. Here's his picture,

2-months old 

The first time I hug him - look at him so small & very cute

My hubby also like him very much and we decided to get him although he was not Sable color. but we couldn't brought him home as he still small and need to be at the pet shop for 2 weeks for him to familiarize with the environment then  he only can follow us home.  Moreover,  our home still under renovation so we let him board at the Pets Station until our new home is ready to move in.

In these 2 weeks & the boarding time until 19 Jan 2014, we often go to Pet Station to visit our puppy & take photos to keep as a souvenir.  And also I very miss him during these 2 weeks, so have to go there everyday to hug & play with him.

19 January 2014, finally! We can bring him home and he already 3 months old puppy.  We waited for so long.  Before we bring him home from the pet stations, Lance asked us to bring him to the Vet for an initial body check-up to confirm he is a healthy puppy before we brought him home.  At our minds was thinking if the DR. said he's not healthy, we still want to bring him home cause we like him very much or maybe spend some money to treat him well until recover.  At the Vet, the DR said our puppy very cute and he's very healthy don't have any problems & advice us the first night he at our home he'll be barking or crying sounds cause he's not familiar with us and the places.  It takes time for him to adapt to his new environment.

After visiting the Vet, we told Lance everything was OK & good.  DR. said he's very healthy and we gonna bring him home now.  At new home, we already prepared a small space specially for him.  So, at the pets station we just have to buy the cage, the play pan, the toys, the bowl, the pee tray, the food, the brush and the medicine and etc...   And we bought the baby door gate at the baby shop.

Inside the cage - go back home together with us

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[PSM]: 回忆 - 我的黑白人像摄影 2012年 #Recalled - Black & White Portrait Photography Year 2012 (Pg: David Liew & KC Wah)



Photographer (摄影师): David Liew Photography & Kc Wah Photography

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

[CAESAR] - 6 months old (Lower Peirce Singapore)

它的成长过程真的让我越来的越不舍,让我 越来的越爱它。


现在它已经六个月大了, 从小时候看到它长大的样子,真觉得时间不等人。

带它去新加坡的Lower Peirce 里走走,拍照,它那可爱的模样,真让人心甜。

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lat's Place, a unique animated Themed Restaurant, Puteri Harbour Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia.

at’s Place Restaurant, a themed restaurant located at Puteri Harbour Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.  A 20 minutes drive from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link or 10 minutes away from Legoland Malaysia.  Can discover the life in the Lat’s Village at this state-of-art themed restaurant, where Lat the Kampong Boy and his friends come to life through live animation.  Enjoy a truly unique and interactive dining experience.

I have been this restaurant last April, 2014 together with my hubby and his friends for lunch.  This restaurant was beside the Hello Kitty Theme Park, very easy to find it. 

Front Restaurant, selling some Malay desserts

The Front Door, Lat merchandise in the souvenir shop

The Lat's comics on the wall

Before we step into the restaurant, we saw Lat merchandise in the souvenir shop.  Then we step into the restaurant, we like step into a comic world.  It's very cute and unique.


The Menu

SO cute~ 

We started to order our food.  I order a Kelapa Syrup with Mee Soup, and my hubby order a Lobster Mee and his friends order a Rojak and nasi chicken.

Here's our food,

And there's a 80 minutes dinner show in Lat's Place restaurant revolves around the preparation of a feast and community activities of LAT the Kampung Boy and his Latoon Friends Meor, Rani, Tong, Mrs Hew, Pak Ali and Anne, his sister.  We're not able to watch this dinner show because ours was lunch.

Overall, this restaurant ambient quite nice, and the food is good but not that much basically is just a Malay local kampung dishes.  So, if you wanna to try out and craving for the local Kampung dishes, you may come to this restaurant.

We're very enjoyed it.

**Ratings stars are based on my favorite**
Interested? Please click the below link,
Closed on Tuesdays (expect for School & Public Holidays)

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