Thursday, 26 September 2013

RockU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill Singapore

The Entry

 We planned to visit this restaurant long ago.  Finally, we did it! 


ockU Yakiniku Restaurant – a Japanese Charcoal Grill located at new Bugis+ in Singapore.  A Traditional Style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, e.g. like live band with modern music of Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin Pop-Rock variety.

 We reached here around 6 pm, at that time there's not many people around, but the crowd starts building up after 7pm.  Environment not bad, a cozy dining area with live band performance!  And the lady singer sang very well.  Too bad! We don’t know what is her name! But she sang very well especially the song name ‘Fly me to the moon’; She sang my favorite song and I truly fall in love with her voice.

She sang this song 'fly me to the moon' by Frank Sinatra

the cozy dining area, the live band in the middle

the lady sang 'fly me to the moon' very well.  

The carbon stove

 The staff brought us to our seat, and took our order, e.g. meat, seafood, vegetable and others and serving us the food.  This is an ala carte buffet dinner, in which most of the food will need to be order from the waiter/waitress, but there's some additional food at the salad bar in which we would need to take ourselves, which consist of snacks e.g. fried chicken, salad, fish ball, kimchi… The counter was behind the live band, and can be found easily

Fried chicken


Meat - Chicken
The Sea food

Vege and Meat


Pork and Beef

We start BBQ

The Kimchi *why a Japanese restaurant has Kimchi? Why not?

 We only given 90 mins dining time.  It means after 90 mins, the waiter/waitress will ask for last order, I believe we can still stay on but no more food order after that.  So, we were crazy to order twice for all and end up was just cost us S$60+ for 2 people.This does not include water, we ordered a jug of ice lemon tea which cost $10.90++. Although we ordered alot, but we managed to finish them all.  Overall, we really enjoyed with our meals and fun in this restaurant, especially the live band very enjoyable.  And I think if go with a gang of friends, it’ll be more fun and nice.   It's a great place for a casual meetups or gathering.  Will we come back again? Probably yes, love the food, would be better if they at least include some drinks or water into the buffet package, rather than asking customer to order drinks seperately.

Star Ratings:
Ambience: ««««
Food: ««««
Value for money««

RockU Japanese Charcoal Grill located at,
201 Victoria Street Bugis +
#04-06 Singapore
Tel: +65 6634 3313

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