TV Baby emoticon My name is Nicole.  Nikoru is just a Japanese Name translate from Nicole cause it's sounds special & cute so I put it together as 'Nikoru Nicole' but you can call me Nicole, I'm Malaysian but living at Singapore.  I love to take photos, go photo shoot, modelling, exercise, travel, shopping, eating, dress up and many.

A short biodata about me:
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Religion: Buddhist
Race: Chinese
Horoscope: Libra, October Babe
TV Baby emoticon Posing are my passion.  I like to dress up nicely to take photo on myself and sometime I will go out for photo shoot with any photographers friends of mine. I may not look be a super-model but if want someone in your advertisement that has an unforgettable, happy face and slim figure, someone who can make people smile just being near me, then I am your model! You may see my photos by clicking this link: My Photoshoot.
TV Baby emoticon I am a figure Ice Skater. I used to go Ice Skating when I'm in Primary School. I am a student of Uncle Bee, a figure coach who just retired to teach figure skate and I am the last student he taught me since I was in 16 years old but now I has been stopped play ice skate since I was in 18 years old somehow I still love the way I'm in Ice Rink.  And sometimes I feel myself like the heroine of the movie "Ice Princess". *blush*

TV Baby emoticon Other than Ice Skating, I love to play badminton too.  Badminton is my another passion when I'm in primary school.  I was a school team player.  Ha-ha..  I think no ones to believe it cause I have many friends saw me and said I'm look like very weak but actually I am really strong and I can play very well.   Conclusion, "Don't judge the look".

TV Baby emoticon About my relationship, I married to a guy who always make me happy, and always wanting what's best for me, his name Chuan Yong, nickname CY.  I'm so glad that he come into my life and make everyday of my life so beautiful & happiness. Wish we're always together and have a happy family.  *feeling blessed*  He works as IT and sometimes help me to take photograph.  We knew each others about 6 years till today & we married!.  Ours wedding photo below, my favorite one

TV Baby emoticonWhat am I blog about?
I blog about what is my journey of life.  Lifestyle Blogger.

The 6 Lovely Logics are my Favorited
  • Make Peace with my Past so it doesn't spoil my Present.
  • What others Think of me is None Of my Business
  • Time Heals Almost Everything, Give the Time, Some Time.
  • Don't compare my Life with others, I have No Idea what their journey is all about.
  • Stop Thinking too much, It's Alright not to know all the Answers.
  • Smile, I don't own all the Problems in the World

If you have any inquiry, e.g. media/advertising, event coverage, product review & launches, collaboration or anything, you can contact me at or click the below social media.

Thank you for reading me.

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