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Hello Kitty Packaging Mooncakes for Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

A back-date post about Happy Mid-Autumn Festival on 19 September 2013.

Why want to celebrate Happy Mid-Autumn Festival?
A short brief - Chinese Lunar Calendar, the 15th day of the 8th month is the exact midst of autumn, so it's called the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Mid-Autumn Festival is an evening celebration when families gather together to light lanterns, eat moon cakes and appreciate the full moon.  The night, the moon appearing round and brightest and full moon is a symbol of family reunion, which is why that day is also known as the Festival of Reunion.  Source

 I went to dinner with my hubby at Zensen Sushi Express restaurant on 8 September 2013, we passed by the Bread Talk shop when we were heading to Zensen Sushi Express and these two begs attracted me to go inside the shop.  I went inside check the bag and the mooncakes.  It was so cute!  And it is cost S$25 per bag.  And my hubby told me expensive to buy, need to Pre-Order. T.T  This is the Banner from Bread Talk Shop.  That time I was thinking, it is really cute and the bag can put my cosmetics, my hair accessories and some more got a mirror inside the bag.  That time on my mind was really want it but the end not buying cause what my husband said is true cause it's a bit expensive. (T.T)

 On 16 September 2013, I don't know why? My mind was thinking about these 2 begs and I am craving to eat mooncakes.  And I was thinking to buy from the Bread Talk without telling my hubby. =P At the evening time 6.30 pm, my hubby came back home from his work and suddenly he showed me these 2 begs from Bread Talk shop.  I was like.... OMG! you bought it!  I was very surprised that he really bought it and he knew it I want it for so long even I didn't tell him.  And some more I am craving to eat mooncakes and thinking about these 2 begs.  He really read my mind and really heart connection lol..  But I really thanks him, my dear! ♥♥♥  

Ta-Dah! These are the begs made from Bread Talk shop! It's super cute lol!

Showing the inside of the begs, there's a mirror and the small cute kitty design mooncakes on the paper in the bag.

You can see the Red Kitty bag was empty after taking out the mooncakes together with the paper.  It was so nice to put everything of my cosmetics, my hair accessories inside this box.

These were the mooncakes made from Bread Talk shop! It was super cute! I like the pink color one!  I don't know what the favor for each mooncakes but I knew it after I saw the back of plastic bag has a sticker about these 4 moocakes. 

The sticker about these 4 mooncakes favor and the ingredient.

The first favor we tried was Chocolate Walnut.  I like the chocolate taste and not sticky to the teeth.  Rating for this Chocolate Walnut favor mooncake: ««««

The second we tried was pink color kitty! he-he... This was Azuki Milk (with Nut).  I cut it into 4 pieces, I saw a heart shaped nuts.. really cute!

A Red Bean taste and its delicious when bite together with the nuts. 

Rating for this Azuki Milk favor mooncake:

The third one we tried was the green color Ribbon, Green Tea Apricot.

I think this favor mooncake different with the Azuki Milk favor.  There had a apricot and green tea taste.  Delicious too!

Rating for this Green Tea Apricot favor mooncake:

This was the last one we tried, Glutinous Rice Yam.

I like to eat Yam Cake but I haven't try Yam Mooncake and it's Glutinous Rice Yam.  It's so delicious! I really like the taste when bite together with yam. 

Rating for this Glutinous Rice Yam favor mooncake:

 We ate the mooncakes from the Blue Kitty Bag, then for the Red Kitty Bag one we wait until 19 September 2013, the exact Mid-Autumn day.  

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to my family & friends.  And wish them happiness & blessings forever! 

With love,

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