YoYo & CiCi emoticonHere is to blog about the restaurants I been, I eat, I try, I see and sharing the food thought and photos.  

Homemade by me
My first soup - ABC - Homemade (EN)

Maccha Restaurant - Japanese ««««« (EN)
Zensen Sushi Express 爭鮮回转寿司 - Japanese«««««(EN)
Careshop de Cafe Restaurant - Japanese, Local Delight & Western «««««(EN)
Itacho Sushi Restaurant - Japanese ««««(EN)
The Manhattan Fish Market - Western ««««  (EN)
Astons Restaurant - Western ««««  (EN)
Bear Bites Restaurant - Snack Bun, Taiwanese «««« (EN)
RockU Yakiniku Restaurant - Japanese ««««  (EN)
Ichiban Boshi - Japanese «««« (EN)
Bread Talk (Hello Kitty Packaging Mooncakes for Happy Mid-Autumn Festival) - Cake, Bread ««« (EN)

The Big Hug Burger Restaurant - Burger, Theme Restaurant ««««(CN)
Lat's Place - a unique animated Themed Restaurant ««« (EN)
T-Bowl Restaurant - Western, Theme Restaurant «« (EN)

Online Food Delivery Services - online marketplace for food delivery - Western, Japanese, Chinese and etc «««« (EN)

South Korea

Hello Kitty Cafe  - Dessert Cafe, Theme Restaurant «««(CN)

Special Invitation

The Naked Chef - Homemade - Italian Food ««««« (EN)

« Delicious Ratings
(EN) - English Language
(CN) - Chinese Language

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