Wednesday, 19 March 2014

CAESAR - Potty Training

19 January 2014, the first day Caesar at our new home with us in the afternoon.  First thing, we have to do with him is let him adapt to the place that we prepared for him.  Caesar doesn't look like he scared in the stranger place.  He looks like already familiar with us and the place.  I think because we always visit him when he still at the pet shop.  So, he familiar with us.  

And, we gonna potty train him.  This is the first thing we have to train him to pee on the pee tray we bought for him- orange color from Pets Station and with pee pad in the pee tray.

Caesar is still a puppy so he physically can't hold his pee beyond an hour for each month of their age.  So, after he drank water about half an hour he will pee on the floor.  And we need to clean the pee on the floor and teach him where should he to pee...  We used the Training Pad to absorb his pee and put it in the Tray.. After the training pad absorbed his pee, we bring it close to his nose for him to smell, and in the same time we tell him that " I want you to pee here" (bring him to the place where we want him to pee) although he doesn't know what are we saying but he can feel what we want him to do.  

But of cause he sometimes pee to the right place and sometimes pee to the wrong place (on the floor), and we went to the Pets Lovers center to buy a BYOPET spray (recommended by the staff)  that can remove the odor of the pee and poo on the floor. 

This is the one we bought it and at the same time we also seek advice from our friend, how does he toilet train his dog.. And he told us not to throw away the pad immediately and let the tray absorbed the smell his pee & poo but he is using the "kitchen towels" to absorb his dog pee & poo.  

And we did it, we used our Training Pad to absorb his pee & used the Kitchen Towels to clean his poo.  We used the Pad to absorb the pee & the smell of the poo inside the tray for a day, didn't throw away.. So, when he pee & poo inside the tray, we praised him & give him a treat to let him know he is doing the right thing.  Slowly he began to understand pee & poo in the pee tray, reducing the treat for him.

Finally, after 3 days, he always pee & poo inside the tray but sometimes he will forgotten and miss-Q (pee on the floor) then we scolded him.. We are so happy that he knew where to pee and poo and reduce our work to clean the floor and the smell.... Now, we throw away the Pee Pad when the pad is full.. =) 

More exciting things is that he knows the potty instructions we gives him. e.g. Pee is "shee shee", Poo is "poo poo".  When we want him to go pee, we just give him instruction - "go shee shee", it's very exciting when he follows our instruction to go to the tray pee & poo.


  1. Hahaa, so cute! Just like how my aunt trained her Poodles! :D

    1. =) I think poodles are more easy to train... smarter than Shetland Sheepdog... :D