Friday, 13 September 2013

Astons Restaurant Western Food in Bugis Singapore

Today, I'm gonna share a post about the western food I have took on last month in August 24.

ASTONS - a western restaurant have many outlets in Singapore.  This was the another branches that I been located at Bugis Junction.  

What are so popular in this restaurant?
Popular in Western Food chain is best known to many for their affordable food prices.

This restaurant was one of my hubby and I favourite restaurant, as they were provide delicious western food with an affordable prices.  We had our dinning at this restaurant on last month in August 24, this restaurant's main course was come with 2 hot/cold side dishes to choose from and it just cost below S$10.  You may choose it which side dishes you like them to serve you.

 I ordered their Black Pepper Chicken with my all-time favourite side dishes 'Corn on the cob and House salad'.  And my hubby ordered their Steak in medium level & with his favourite side dishes 'Onion Rings and Coleslaw'.

While waiting for our food to be serve, they served us our drinks first! Root Beer with float Ice Cream - my favourite drink always! *dom-dom (drinking sound)

About 15 minutes, our foods came! Here we go...  

This above dish was ordered by me.  Then where was my hubby's dish?


  What am I think about the dish of Black Pepper Chicken with the 2 side dishes?
The chicken was grilled perfectly and the black pepper sauce taste good not so salty to me, when you cut into the grilled chicken there was juice oozing out.  About the 2 side dishes, I love the House Salad they made - taste delicious, potato was fresh no sour taste (very sweet) and the sauce for the salad very nice.  House Salad - Recommended! About the Corn on the cob - I don't really like it much cause the taste has a bit weird for me.

 What my hubby think about his dish - Steak with 2 side dishes?
The steak came with Medium level not so much blood for him this time.  Last time he ordered same thing but the steak was too much blood for him but this time okay. Taste good & delicious and same with my grilled chicken when cut into the steak there was juice oozing out.  The Onion rings & coleslaw was okay.

Star Ratings: 
Ambience: ««««
Food: ««««

Interested?  Restaurant located at,
Bugis+, 201 Victoria St #05-08, Bugis, Singapore 188067
Phone: +65 6884 5397
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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  1. not a big fans of astons although i dine there sometimes if really left with no choice, not sure if you have tried char grill bar , their food is much better :)