Friday, 29 November 2013

Liebster Award for Bloggers

A BIG THANKS to four pretty bloggers, Shirley Ong, Pinky, Irene Goh and Sara Tan who have nominate me as a Liebster Award for Bloggers.  Thank you very much! It's build up my confidence and makes me fall in love to blog.  =D

LIEBSTER AWARD, Here's the logo.


 Maybe many of you was wondering what's the Liebster Award like me?  When I get the nominated by the four pretty bloggers, I was like OMG! Thank you so much to nominate me but then what's the award and what should I do with them?  Then, I go do a research and I found out this.

So, What's the "Liebster Award"?

Liebster Award it's an award given to up and coming bloggers, which reputedly started in Germany.  "Liebster" is a German Language of "Favorite".  So in other words, this award is the "Favorite Blog Award" as another blogger to put it.  When you have receive this award from a blogger that feels your blog is both worthy & important to them, you're not obligated to accept the award or to even pay it forward but if you receive this award, you may follow the step.   

The following image is kind of explains it to other bloggers nominated for the award:

 In order to accept this Award, there are the certain rules that need to follow:

  1. Post the Award on your Blog
  2. Thank the Blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserves of this award and those who have less than 200 - 300 followers
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions

 Here are the 11 questions Shirley OngPinkyIrene Goh and Sara Tan has for me:  My answer in PINK colour.

Shirley Ong's 11 questions:

1. What's your must-have make up/skincare product?
♥ Concealer, Foundation, BB cream, Make Up Remover & Cleanser ... etc

2. What's your favorite colour?
♥ Pink

3. Three words that describe you.
♥ Cute, Easy-going, Positive Thinker? ha-ha

4. What would you do if you have only 1 hour left before the end of the world?
♥ See how the world end.. ha-ha

5. If you were given the chance to travel back in time, what would you change?
♥ Don't want to travel back, can?  If must, I think I will back into secondary school change my SPM 'O' level result.. ha-ha

6. Favorite makeup brand
♥ Etusia, Victoria Secret, Beauty Maker Kevin, Artistry... etc..

7. Will you blog for the rest of your life?
♥ Don't know.. Maybe... kekekek

8. Who inspire you the most in life?
♥ My parents

9. Which actor do you find them hot and sexy?
♥ I think Angelina Jolie

10. What's your favourite book?
♥ The Secret

11. Do you have any life principle that you follow?
♥ Always think positive

Pinky's 11 questions:

1. What's your favourite colour?
♥ Pink, same as you.. pink lover :)

2. Do you have a pet?
♥ I don't have currently but maybe later on.

3. Who inspire you to start blog?
♥ My friend also ex-colleague - Tina Merwati - but she stopped blogging cause she busy.. :'( 

4. Are you single or not available?
♥  I single but not available... ha-ha ^^ I'm married :)

5. Best skin care product you have tried.
♥ Artistry

6. What's your favourite movie/drama?
♥ I think don't have any... cause all movies or dramas is my favourite... ha-ha.. >_<

7. Use 3 word to describe Pinky.
♥ Cute, Lovely and Sweet

8. The most crazy thing you did before.
♥ I think join modelling competition... ha-ha

9. Who is your idol?
♥ Too many Idol already... I'm greedy... ha-ha

10. When you start blogging?
♥ I think is last year March, 2012.

11. List down 3 skincare brand in your collection.
♥ Victoria Secret, Beauty Maker Kevin & Artistry

Irene Goh's 11 questions:

1. Describe your personalities.
♥ Easy-going person, Friendly?, Emotion and Lazy... ha-ha

2. What's the quote that you live by?
♥ Nothing is Impossible and be myself.

3. What's your favourite book?
♥ The Secret

4. What's your favourite season?

♥ Spring Season.  Too bad, here no spring season.. :( you?

5. When's your first blogging?
♥ Last year March, 2012

6. What makes you continue blogging till now?
♥ Passion? to find a place to express feeling and want to record down what's my life begin & story so when I get really old I can look back and show to my children or grandchildren.. ha-ha.. *still far away*

7. If you could turn back time, where will it be?
♥ can I don't want to turn back? if must, it will be at my secondary school..

8. What will you do if you only left 24 hours of your life?
♥ Don't know what will I do... maybe blogging and write the last words.

9. The unforgettable lesson you have learnt in your life.
♥ Appreciated the people/love one when they're still alive.

10. What is an item you lost that you would like to get it back?
♥ My confidence

11. What is the first item you think of to buy it if I were giving you RM100?
♥ RM100 not enough.... can give more?? he-he 

Sara Tan's 11 questions:

1. Who inspire you to start blogging?
♥ My friend also ex-colleague - Tina Merwati - but she stopped blogging cause she busy.. :'( 

2. What magazines you read regularly?
♥ No magazines I read regularly.. 

3. What's your favourite type of skin care product?
♥ Artistry

4. What's your favourite type of makeup product?
♥ Concealer, Foundation & BB cream

5. What's your favourite skincare brands?
♥ Artistry

6. What's your favourite colour?
♥ Pink

7. Do you love cats?
♥ ok ok only.. not so in love.. he-he

8. Do you love coffee?
♥ I don't drink coffee

9. How many hours you spend on FB everyday?
♥ Wah...I think most of the times and hours I spend on FB everyday.

10. Use 3 words to describe yourself.
♥ Cute, Easy-going, and Positive Thinker?? ha-ha

11. Who's your idol?
♥ Too many Idol already... I'm greedy... ha-ha

 So on, now it's my turn to nominate 11 Bloggers for this Liebster Award.  

  1. Rain Chan - Rainxdropz
  2. Yvone Tan - Not Your Average Blogger
  3. Trislynn Chan - Prep and Trends
  4. Silviana Lim - Beauty Feed Me
  5. Shi Kee - Ordinary Shi Kee
  6. Carinn Tan - Carinn Tan
  7. Kim Tan - Test and Share
  8. See Reena - Ryoko Gurl
  9. Suzanne Tiew Sher Shyan - Suzanne
  10. Colney Qing - Dimple Makes Perfect
  11. Kien Mei - Interesting Corner of Me

 Here are my 11 questions for my nominees:
  1. Does blogging interfere with your personal life?
  2. Do you find blogging hard?
  3. What makes you smile?
  4. What can you say about 'dream'?
  5. What is your dream?
  6. What do you envy most?
  7. One thing you hate about blogging/bloggers?
  8. Tell us one of your bad habit & good habit.
  9. List 3 future goals you want to achieve.
  10. Who would be your perfect dinner date and why?
  11. If you had 3 wishes that you could get answered instantly what you wish for and why?

 Aawwh~~ It's time to say goodbye here!   Good luck to my nominees and a BIG THANKS against to Shirley Ong, Pinky, Irene Goh and Sara Tan to nominate me for this award.  Here's their blog,


  1. Nothing is impossible. =) Couldn't agree more.

  2. wow interesting long post haha i've posted it at do check for answer :D

  3. Dear, thanks so much for this post! I'll do a post on this soon! You motivated me! <3

    1. Your welcome, dear :) keep up on your blog :) love your blog too.. hehe :D

  4. hahaha, another pink lover! Give me 5 :P