Friday, 15 November 2013

Run for Live from USA comes to Asia - Singapore!

  Have your heard about Run for Lives this Zombie game from USA?  It's come to Asia! Where????? 

What is Run for Lives?
Let me introduce a little bit about this race.  Run for Live is an original zombie run straight to save your live before the zombie whittle your lives. A 5K obstacle course with a twist, and there have been more than 30 successful infections all over North America since 2011.  And this race is actually the original zombie-themed 5K obstacle course race from the USA created by Reed Street Productions in 2011 but now it's coming to Asia - Singapore! First in Asia, how cool is that!!!  Are you excited? 

Here's a trailer video to see how this game works.  
You may play this video and you will know how fun is this race.

When is this game start?
This game will be held on 11 January 2014 @ The Padang from 1 pm to 11 pm.

  Basically, this race you will be given a choice to participate as either a Survivor or Zombie.  It's very simple and just similar like other survival games we usually play.  Like our childhood game - Police or Thief.  Of cause this is a different race not like our childhood games.  And this is not how fast you run, is about how well you run that matters.  

    The runners have to try to dodge and escape from the zombies roaming the course trying to grab flags from runners' flag belts, it's similar to flag football.  And the creators of the race do not reveal the obstacles as to keep the course a secret, so it will be typically involves climbing, sliding, crawling, dodging, and sometimes ......... Swimming!  And each survivor will be entitled to 3x life flags, so if you die 1x you still can continue with your another 2x life flags, but if all gone then of cause mean you're OFFICIALLY die in the game! ngek~ngek~

And end of the race, what will you get? 
  You will receive a medal designating (Survivor or Zombie), Event Tee, Race Pack, Life Flags and alsooooooooo you can admittance to the APOCALYNSE PARTY!!! Oh yeah~!

Apocalynse Party which has live music, beer, food, vendors, entertainment and have some games in the party. And the games you can win some cool Run for Your Lives Asia Swag and awesome prizes from sponsors.  And this party will be starts when the gates open at 1 pm all the way through to 11 pm.  

  Seriously, where can you find this game and party like it's the end of the world? 
And, what are you waiting for? the zombies are comingggg. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. Exciting? Join now! Up to 30% off! 

 Or please log in to this website by clicking the below address to find out more details:

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